Restoring HOPE, Pursing DREAMS!


Our mission

To connect people to God and a community of support by providing services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, youth development, poverty, and outreach.

our vision

To mobilize the FAITH community to help bring hope, while building a community of resilient people whose lives have been restored by God’s Power. Those that are transformed can go on to share that love with others, pass on the hope and make transformation possible for others.

core values

Christ-Centered Focused 

Next Generation:  

We know the importance of investing in every kid & creating the opportunity for them to reach their full potential. 


We value working with others to better serve people. 


We enter every situation with a positive expectation that God is willing and able to move on our behalf. 


We are consistently looking for opportunities to bless others with our time, talent and resources.


Meet The Team

Catalina Matias

Director of Programs

Tiffani White


Volunteer Coordinators

Yoamy Delgado

Dream Kids Sidewalk

LaVal Anderson

Tutoring Program

Christian Hines

Mentorship Program


Contact Information

Location: 1031 23rd St, Des Moines, IA  50311

Office: 1057 23rd St, Des Moines, IA  50311

Phone: 515-288-3353

Fax: 515-288-1194

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